Hi, I’m Samuel.

 I am a professional podcast editor, with more than 15 years of experience working with various types of audio, ranging from advertisements to feature films. I have also edited for HBO original series and many other projects that require smooth and effective editing.

About Me

Here I was supposed to tell my best qualities as an audio editor

Well… everybody does that, right? So what makes me different?
I like to drink black pure coffee in the very early morning.
I mean, I like to taste strong flavors, while waking up really early doing things I love. This helps me to be this positive guy, (almost) always with a sincere smile, who will appreciate working in something I’m doing for such a long time with love.
I can say that all my clients can feel this love in their products, like when they take a sip on their favorite beverage.

What I Do

How can I help you?


Content (if wanted/needed), cut filler words, false starts, anything needed.


That mic bump, your pet asking for love at the wrong time, a phone ringing. Everything for you to sound studio-like.


Everyone has to sound the closest to one another, as the intro/outro and even ads.
This is like getting that beautiful dish.


Your podcast will sound great wherever your audience may ever want to listen to your content. On any podcast client.

My Work

People I work with and past work 😉

“Samuel was not only easy to work with, but his communication was also excellent. His editing made the podcast interview sound like a normal conversation between friends. A perfect balance for the listener. I would recommend Samuel for your podcast editing.”
Kim Parkinson